5 QUICK & EASY ways Australians can stop Koala extinction TODAY!!

5 QUICK & EASY ways Australians can stop Koala extinction TODAY!!

How can Australians help save our precious Koalas?
Below are 5 quick and easy ways to help maintain Koala habitats and support population growth.
1: Stay vigilant whilst driving in known Koala populated areas. Look out for signage and reduce speeds to avoid any unwanted accidents (especially at night).
If you spot an injured Koala or a Koala wandering near a busy road, please call your nearest wildlife rescue centre immediately.


2: Though we all love our beloved four-legged pets. There is a worrying increase in dog attacks on Koalas. If Koalas live in your area, please check trees in your backyard before letting dogs out. Bring your dogs inside at night and always have your dog on a leash if walking through the bush.
Report any stray dogs you may encounter. Koalas are easily stressed by the presence of dogs.

3. Plant a Koala eucalyptus tree. Due to bushfires, urbanisation and deforestation, millions of hectares of Koala habitat has been destroyed. Bangalow Koalas are a non-profit in northern New South Wales. They have planted over 145,000 trees to create a safe 'Koala corridor' of eucalyptus trees. The trees are planted strategically on 45 private properties. Bangalow regularly visits local schools to educate on the looming extinction of our Koalas

To learn more about Bangalow Koalas and the Koala corridor please follow the link www.bangalowkoalas.com/koalacorridor and watch below. 😊



4: Plant a tree in the Koala corridor with Save Our Koalas. Save Our Koalas was set up and run by a team of Australian wildlife lovers. They use their online community of 10,000+ to raise awareness of Koala extinction. Partnering with Bangalow Koalas, Save Our Koalas' community is planting thousands of eucalyptus trees. They would love your support.

Wear your support for saving Koalas with Save Our Koalas' unique handmade sterling silver jewellery:
  • Signature Sterling Silver Koala ring
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Every cent from sales will be donated to Bangalow Koalas on product purchased before the end of January 2022. Plant your trees now at www.amarooaus.com

5: Show your support from all over the world and sign a petition. 

The petition below needs another 1500 signatures and will be sent to ministers in New South Wales. The following will be outlined.

  1. Map Koala habitat and populations across the state.
  2. Protect all Koala habitat from destruction. 
  3. Restore koala habitat and local populations

Sign the petition.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Your love and support is much appreciated. Together we can make a difference.